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About SMA auto, Inc.

 SMA auto, Inc. January 1995, began cross-car equipment distribution business. Since then, the base of the domestic motor sport and tuning the activation of market research in this field and has been careful to cumulate distribution business know-how and product development period of 5 years of the brand in 1999 SMA auto. The garage was first met with Adjustable suspension for Tiburon.

 SMA auto, Inc. beginning with a total of 5 sections. maintenance, supplies, tuning, Car audio, Suspension, etc. but now we are operated by the suspension dedicated. By the way, we Specialized in this part, our suspension of the building's position is the best in the country.

 Rigorously tested by using good material for a variety of data and high quality products our , and these high quality products the SMA auto, Inc. of GM Daewoo from the OEM manufacturers to supply suspension is recognized. In particular, the mono tube suspension better than Japan's part. In addition, as previously complex and rigorous process, the rough than the price in terms of third-party products, and automated mass production, but to shave a disadvantage in August 2003 to lower the price consumers were able to come closer to more and more folks right now.

 Some of Europe's largest car brand, which features more than they have scored only a small amount of production to create the image are a lot of manufacturers. It prides itself on the craftsmanship, sell elsewhere, with one eye constantly to develop their own characteristics and the spirit of professional development is to create a small, but large corporations. We (Note) seoseupensyeon simyeongohtoneun only mandeuleoon many of the company to the tune Partswhere terrain of Korea and Koreans, and the sentiment is appropriate to the development of a wide range of products.

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